The Tides Inn Offers Catering for Your Special Events.
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Tides Inn Bar & Grill
346 N. 4th Street
Reedsport, Oregon  97467


  1. Tides Inn Catering & BBQ Menu
    BBQing in Oregon for Over 20 Years
  2. Featured Specialites - Meats
    Jack and Patty's Special Recipes Make these Grilled and BBQ'd Meats Famous on the Oregon Coast
  3. Mesquite Grilled Chicken
    Mouthwatering, tender chicken slow grilled over a Mesquite fire
  4. Slow Grilled Tri-Tip or Brisket
    Jack's Secret Spices Make This a Delicious Choice
  5. Prize Winning BBQ Pork Ribs
    This Entree has Been the Winner of the Old Town Battle of the Bones BBQ Cook Off More Than Once!
  6. Slow Grilled Prime Rib
    Prime Rib is Another Specialty of Jack and Patty's That is Renowned Up and Down the Oregon Coast!
  7. Sandwiches
    These Are Not Just Any Sandwiches, These Are a Delicious Entire Meal in a Sandwich
  8. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
    Tender, Tasty Slow Grilled Pork Piled on a Toasted Bun, Garnished with BBQ Sauce and Cole Slaw
  9. Slow Roasted BBQ Beef Sandwiches
    Made with Grilled Beef Prepared Especially for These Wonderful Sandwiches
  10. Side Dishes
    Complete Your BBQ Menu with These Carefully Prepared Side Dishes
  11. Macaroni Salad
    Patty's Home Made Macaroni Salad
  12. Potato Salad
    Home Made Potato Salad - The Perfect Complement
  13. Baked Beans
    Traditional BBQ Side Dish
  14. Coleslaw
    Patty's Famous Cole Slaw
  15. Assorted Desserts
    Check with Patty for the Available Desserts
  16. Portable Bar Available Upon Request